LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen


Model Number LAMY L02MF
Manufacturer LAMY
Body Color Silver
Body Material Stainless Steel
Capped or Retractable Capped – Snap On
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Converter Included No
Diameter – Grip 12.1 mm
Diameter – Max 13.2 mm
Eyedropper Convertible i No
Features Hooded Nib
Filling Mechanism Piston
Grip Color Silver
Grip Material Metal (Stainless Steel)
Ink Refillable Yes
Length – Capped 13.9 cm / 5.5 inches
Length – Posted 15.5 cm / 6.1 inches
Length – Uncapped 12.4 cm / 4.9 inches
Nib Color Silver
Nib Material 14k Gold (Platinum-Coated)
Nib Size Fine
Tip Replaceable No
Tip Type Nib
Weight – Barrel (Empty) 1.22 oz / 35 grams
Weight – Cap 0.70 oz / 20 grams
Weight – Whole Pen (Empty) 1.92 oz / 54 grams

The LAMY 2000 is LAMY’s flagship fountain pen, and this silver version is made of a brushed stainless steel. The body contains a traditional piston filler mechanism that can be filled with bottled inks only, and has a large capacity. The platinum-coated nib is made of 14 carat gold. The LAMY 2000 is so revered that it is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art and has won countless design awards. This luxurious pen will be a prized item in anyone’s collection!

To fill the LAMY 2000, first unscrew the piston knob at the back end of the barrel. Submerge the nib in the ink bottle, and twist the piston knob back into place to suck ink up into the pen’s internal ink reservoir. Remove the pen from the ink bottle and wipe off any excess ink from the nib and grip section.



  • This pen only uses bottled ink, which is not included with this pen. Check out our collection of bottled fountain pen inks here!
  • This pen may come with ink residue in the nib from being dip tested by LAMY at the factory. As with all new fountain pens, we recommend giving your LAMY a good cleaning before you use it.
  • The box this pen comes in may vary from the one pictured.


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